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Alightpro Provides Clinical SAS certification training. An online course will help you learn SAS Clinical Enroll and Get SAS certified now.

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Clinical research Process
Data management Advanced
Study Protocol Briefing and Extraction
CRF design
Database spec and Edit check preparation
PL/SQL basics
Users, Roles, Assigning user roles, User specific screens management
PSUB, batch jobs administration
Glib Admin – Reference codelists
Study Plan
Design – Create and maintain – Studies, Investigators, Sites,Visits and patients
Questions, Question Groups
Validation programming
Data extract views administration
Test a study
Test Data entry
Data validation (Discrepancy management)
Execute – Batch jobs, Procedures, DCF forms.
Data Extract
Batch data, Out of study data load
Conduct security
Patient lock and freeze, study lock and freeze
Mass changes
Data entry (first pass, second pass), update, browse and key changes.
Lab data load and administration
RDC Administration
RDC Workflow and discrepancy management
Integration OC AE term, MT term and conmed terms with TMS and medical coding and review
TMS dictionary and maintenance

SAS CLINICAL TRAINING Teaching is unique and understandable

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SAS CLINICAL TRAINING Teaching is unique and understandable

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