Introducing AlightProLIVE

Post on :2018-08-28 01:24:38

This is seriously exciting. We just announced that our first-ever instructor event will take place this June in USA! We’re calling it AlightPro LIVE, and the action-packed weekend (Aug 24-26) will include speakers, panels, hands-on breakout sessions, a tour of AlightPro’s office, a formal gala dinner, and, of course, lots of socializing and networking. You can find all the details here.

If you’re a published AlightPro instructor, you should have received an email invitation with a registration code (if not, contact us at Reserve your spot before April 15 to take advantage of the early-bird discount!

We’re really looking forward to welcoming our fantastic instructor community to our headquarters and showing them how much we value their hard work and contributions. Let’s face it — without instructors creating courses that students love, the AlightPro marketplace would be a pretty quiet place.

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Happy instructors = Music to our ears

Post on :2018-08-28 01:20:34

When we say the lunches rock at AlightPro, we’re not just talking about the catering! Recently, we were treated to a lunchtime concert by rock and blues guitarist Jimmy Dillon, who teaches our Ultimate Acoustic Blues course. Over the span of a long and successful career, Jimmy’s shared the stage with such music luminaries as Bruce Springsteen, Sting, B.B. King, and Carlos Santana. We love welcoming instructors and students to our office and were thrilled to get this private performance. Check out the video below. Thanks, Jimmy!

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AlghtPro for Business: On the road and on the web

Post on :2018-08-28 01:17:37

It’s been an eventful and exciting couple of weeks for the AlightPro for Business team. They attended an important conference, picked up a sweet award, and launched a new website. And they’re not slowing down. In fact, stay tuned for a recap of tomorrow’s HR Innovators event, which we’ll be sharing in days to come!

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AlightPro summer interns are here!

Post on :2018-08-28 01:14:51

Ah, summer… time to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun, right? Well, for the current batch of AlightPro interns, this is a season for learning about the workplace and soaking up knowledge. We are so excited to have these bright, hungry minds in our office for the next ten weeks and look forward to their contributions. Let’s give them a big welcome!

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Here’s how AlightPro gives

Post on :2018-08-28 01:04:13

On AUG 25, all AlghtPro offices (San Francisco, Ankara, and Dublin) spent a day volunteering locally. At AlghtPro, part of our culture is to give back to our community, particularly around education and youth empowerment. We love interacting with our neighbors and helping them reach their goals, so volunteering isn’t a one-time thing for us. We plan volunteer projects regularly and encourage everyone to step away from their desks to get involved. Here’s a recap of how each AlghtPro office recently donated its time and energy.

We partnered with HandsOn Bay Area, a group that organizes service projects for innovative companies, to beautify Buena Vista Horace Mann Elementary School in San Francisco’s Mission District. Buena Vista Horace Mann is colorful and airy, with students from kindergarten to 8th grade. Our team pitched in on several projects: building a greenhouse in the playground, painting an accent wall in the teachers’ lounge, organizing classrooms, and painting the school’s values at the building entrance. Because the school is in a bilingual community that serves both Spanish and English speakers, values such as perseverance (perseverancia) were painted in both languages. The SF volunteers had a great time building, painting, and organizing the school and enjoyed a day in the sun helping the community!

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