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DevOps Career: Skills, Jobs, Salaries

DevOps Career: Skills, Jobs, Salaries

Post on :2022-06-19 21:30:24

DevOps is a well-organized software development strategy that is widely implemented in companies. It allows for continuous deployment and construction of software through automating and integrating the process between development and IT operations. The DevOps Training Certification course will help in learning the fundamentals of various DevOps tools such as Docker, Grafana, Jenkins, Ansible, Git, and many more. During the DevOps Online Training Course, you will learn about the description of DevOps, Git, Jenkins, and Maven Integration, Version Control with Git, Learning DevOps Online, Monitoring using Grafana and Prometheus, and many more. 


As per a report, the DevOps market may grow from USD 3.42 Billion in the year 2018 to USD 10.31 billion by 2023 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.7 percent. The average salary of a DevOps engineer is about $127.231 per year as per The high demand for DevOps skills in most of the companies all around the world. Thus, if any professionals or freshers want to earn more money then they should do this online course from any training institute.


According to the latest IDC report, the DevOps software market may be expected to grow by $ 6.6 billion in the year 2022 which unlocks great career opportunities for students in this domain. If you want to grow your career then should do DevOps Online Training Course from any top training institute. When you will complete this online course then it improves your resume, creates a huge opportunity for you, and get a job easily in the best IT company with exciting salaries.

This online course is suitable for those individuals who want to become DevOps engineers. It is also perfect for Cloud Professionals, Infrastructure Architects, Software Engineers, Freshers, System Administrators, and many more.

Types of DevOps online courses  

There are several DevOps Training Courses are given below 

DevOps Culture and Mindset

Introduction to Jenkins

DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations

Python Scripting for DevOps

Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Docker Essentials

Getting Started with DevOps on AWS

Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Professional

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Career Guide in AlightPro

Career Guide in AlightPro

Post on :2022-06-02 22:16:35

AlightPro is one of the best and most popular software training institutes which started its operations across the world with the inspiration of students for excellence in the IT field. Our training institute provides different Online IT Certificate Programs which are based on several software technologies. It also provides several IT Online Certificate courses for students or fresher graduates under the guidance of top instructors with a great experience.

The main goal of our institute is to offer top-quality IT Training Online certification courses at an affordable cost for our students who want to make a career in the IT field. These online course helps students to get jobs easily with a high salary. If any students are proficient in any technical courses, then they get a job in a multinational company with an appropriate salary. Our training institute helps freshers to clear the certification exams by providing the best faculties and industry professionals. In our training institute, you will be Learning IT Online technical courses for the best job. The best instructors of our training institutes will help freshers or students to acquire the latest technical skills and helps in getting a job easily in a multinational company.

Several online IT courses

These online technical courses are very beneficial for a career and will be working as a professional in any course that helps in getting a job easily with exciting salaries. There are several Online IT Certificate Courses that are offered by our institute for students. are given below 

Hadoop Online Training

BA Online Training

PMP Online Training

Tibco BW Online Training

Java Online Training

Advanced Java Programming

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

SQL Server DBA Online Training

SQL Server Integration Services

ASP.NET Online Training

Android Kotlin Developer

MCSE Online Training

Tableau Online Training

QlikView Online Training

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Online Training

DevOps Online Training

Salesforce Developer Online Training and many more

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How to use for Mobile App Development

How to use for Mobile App Development

Post on :2022-04-19 04:29:44

Application Development is a procedure to create a set of programs or a computer program for performing several tasks that a business requires. Mobile App Development is a procedure to create software applications that operate on a mobile device and a typical mobile application and uses a network connection to work with remote computing resources. So, the process of mobile development involves is to implement backend services including testing the application on target devices and data access with an API. It also involves is to create installable software bundles such as assets, code, and many more. Mobile Application Development is also a procedure in which a mobile app is made for mobile or smartphone devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants, or enterprise digital assistants. The design of these software applications to operate on tablets, and smartphones.

There are two leading platforms in the modern smartphone market are

Android from Google

An Android is an operating system that can be used by Google devices and several other OEMs for building their own smartphones and many other smart devices.

iOS Platform for Apple Inc

 An iOS is the operating system that powers or influences the popular line of iPhone smartphones of Apple.

Overview of Mobile App Course 

The Mobile App Development Course is divided into sections are given below 

Android Mobile Development Courses  

There are some technical topics that are covered in the App development online course are given below 

Basics of Android by Google Nanodegree

Fundamentals of Android

Build your first Android App

Java for Android

Build a Simple Android App with Java

Complete Java Masterclass

iOS Mobile App Development Courses

There are several technical topics that are covered in the app development course are given below 

Fundamentals of iOS 11

The complete iOS 10 and Swift 3 Developer course

Saving data in iOS

Foundations of Objective -C App Development

iOS App Development Accessibility

iOS 11 and Swift 4 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

iOS 12 and Swift 5 – App Design UI/UX plus Development

The Ultimate iOS 11 course

iOS and Android Mobile App Development Courses

There are two topics that are covered in this online course are given below 

The Ultimate React Native Series

The Complete React Native and Hooks Course

Windows Mobile App Development Courses

There are two topics that are covered in this online course are given below 

Windows Phone Mobile App Development

C# for Beginners – Make Windows Apps

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Top 3 Business Analysis Certification Course Tips

Top 3 Business Analysis Certification Course Tips

Post on :2022-04-19 03:51:08

Business analysis is a specialized discipline to determine solutions to business problems and identify business needs. Solutions may involve a software-systems development component. However, it may also contain policy development, organizational change, process improvements, and strategic planning. An individual who carries out this task is known as a business analyst or BA. The responsibility of a business analyst does not solely develop software systems and also to work across the company and solve several business issues in discussion with business investors. During the Business Analyst Training, you will learn the course better in several contexts that allow making better decisions. The Business Analyst Course offers a wide range of several business analytic techniques with different types of business analysis such as inferential, prescriptive, predictive, and descriptive analytics.

Overview of Business Analysis Course

There are several technical topics that are covered in the Business Analyst Course Online are given below 

Introduction to business analysis

Inferential statistics

Prescriptive analytics

Descriptive analytics

Regression & ANOVA

Making Business for analytics via designed experiments.

Generating Business for analytics via Reinforcement learning

Forming Business for analytics via Active learning

Top 3 Business Analysis Certification Tips

 There are top 3 Business Analysis Certification Course tips are given below 

Prepare for the certification exam as per your learning preference 

As per the report, you will develop your skill sets through blended learning (31percent), classroom learning (12 percent), self-study (32 percent), and online learning (26 percent). You should also try different modes of learning which are suitable for preparing Business Analyst Certification exam.

Stick to a study schedule

For best preparation, you will create a learning schedule as per your schedule that helps in clearing the business analysis certification exam. You can make a study timetable as per your schedule in daily activities and strictly follows that is beneficial for your certification exams.

Start preparation with an entry-level examination

You should start preparing for this certification exam with an entry-level that helps in understanding the basic concept of this online course and clearing this certification exam. The Entry Certificate in Business Analysis (ECBA) covers the fundamentals of business analysis that help in clearing this certification exam.

If you want to clear business certification exams to become a business analyst then should follow these 3 tips as discussed in this blog. If you follow these tips then it helps in clearing this certification exam.

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Hadoop Big Data in Real World

Hadoop Big Data in Real World

Post on :2022-04-19 02:51:18

Apache Hadoop is an open-source framework that can be used for processing and storing large datasets ranging in size from gigabytes to petabytes of data. Hadoop allows clustering of several computers for analyzing a huge number of datasets in parallel faster. Big Data is a collection of a huge number of datasets that cannot be processed with the help of traditional computing techniques. It is not a single technique that involves several techniques, frameworks, and tools. The Big Data Hadoop course is provided to meet the rising demand for data experts so Data analysts and scientists may greatly advantage from the Big Data Hadoop Training because they will learn the real-life skills that are essential in the data analytics domain. You can work to build your big data analytics and data systems that help in getting better job opportunities in this field. This online course will help you in gaining knowledge about Big Data Hadoop.

Big Data is one of the newest methods to utilize, store, and analyze a large amount of data inputs so some big multinational companies use this technology to frame policies and strategies.  Big Data Hadoop is a low cost and larger data space that is high in demand in the IT or digital world so several top multinational companies including Cognizant, Cisco, Yum Brands, Burger King, and many other companies s are using big data to store analyzing and studying the data before to make policies and strategies of any big company all around the world where the establishment of a business is made. During the Big Data Hadoop Online Training, you will learn about MapReduce, Apache Pig, HDFS, Hive, and many more topics. After completing training successfully, you will get Hadoop Bigdata Certification from any institute and will work as a Hadoop big data professional in any big company.

Overview of Big Data Course

There are several topics that are covered in the Big Data Hadoop Online Course are given below 

Fundamentals of Big Data



Apache Hive

Cluster Setup

Apache Pig

Hadoop Administrator in Real World

Apache Flume

Analytical Functions and Hive Window

Optimizations and Troubleshooting

Apache Sqoop

File Formats

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Introducing AlightProLIVE

Introducing AlightProLIVE

Post on :2018-08-28 01:24:38

This is seriously exciting. We just announced that our first-ever instructor event will take place this June in USA! We’re calling it AlightPro LIVE, and the action-packed weekend (Aug 24-26) will include speakers, panels, hands-on breakout sessions, a tour of AlightPro’s office, a formal gala dinner, and, of course, lots of socializing and networking. You can find all the details here.

If you’re a published AlightPro instructor, you should have received an email invitation with a registration code (if not, contact us at Reserve your spot before April 15 to take advantage of the early-bird discount!

We’re really looking forward to welcoming our fantastic instructor community to our headquarters and showing them how much we value their hard work and contributions. Let’s face it — without instructors creating courses that students love, the AlightPro marketplace would be a pretty quiet place.

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Happy instructors = Music to our ears

Happy instructors = Music to our ears

Post on :2018-08-28 01:20:34

When we say the lunches rock at AlightPro, we’re not just talking about the catering! Recently, we were treated to a lunchtime concert by rock and blues guitarist Jimmy Dillon, who teaches our Ultimate Acoustic Blues course. Over the span of a long and successful career, Jimmy’s shared the stage with such music luminaries as Bruce Springsteen, Sting, B.B. King, and Carlos Santana. We love welcoming instructors and students to our office and were thrilled to get this private performance. Check out the video below. Thanks, Jimmy!

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AlghtPro for Business: On the road and on the web

AlghtPro for Business: On the road and on the web

Post on :2018-08-28 01:17:37

It’s been an eventful and exciting couple of weeks for the AlightPro for Business team. They attended an important conference, picked up a sweet award, and launched a new website. And they’re not slowing down. In fact, stay tuned for a recap of tomorrow’s HR Innovators event, which we’ll be sharing in days to come!

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AlightPro summer interns are here!

AlightPro summer interns are here!

Post on :2018-08-28 01:14:51

Ah, summer… time to kick back, relax, and soak up the sun, right? Well, for the current batch of AlightPro interns, this is a season for learning about the workplace and soaking up knowledge. We are so excited to have these bright, hungry minds in our office for the next ten weeks and look forward to their contributions. Let’s give them a big welcome!

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Here’s how AlightPro gives

Here’s how AlightPro gives

Post on :2018-08-28 01:04:13

On AUG 25, all AlghtPro offices (San Francisco, Ankara, and Dublin) spent a day volunteering locally. At AlghtPro, part of our culture is to give back to our community, particularly around education and youth empowerment. We love interacting with our neighbors and helping them reach their goals, so volunteering isn’t a one-time thing for us. We plan volunteer projects regularly and encourage everyone to step away from their desks to get involved. Here’s a recap of how each AlghtPro office recently donated its time and energy.

We partnered with HandsOn Bay Area, a group that organizes service projects for innovative companies, to beautify Buena Vista Horace Mann Elementary School in San Francisco’s Mission District. Buena Vista Horace Mann is colorful and airy, with students from kindergarten to 8th grade. Our team pitched in on several projects: building a greenhouse in the playground, painting an accent wall in the teachers’ lounge, organizing classrooms, and painting the school’s values at the building entrance. Because the school is in a bilingual community that serves both Spanish and English speakers, values such as perseverance (perseverancia) were painted in both languages. The SF volunteers had a great time building, painting, and organizing the school and enjoyed a day in the sun helping the community!

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