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SAS BI (Business intelligence) has analytical capabilities like statistics, reporting, data mining, predictions, forecasting and optimization. They help improve key processes and data, as well as identify and monitor trends in corporate, competitor market performance and improving quality of data.
Training Objectives of SAS BI:
The main objectives of the SAS BI is a broad category of application programs and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. It consumes less time for responding requests and for business users to view the information. It is an integrated, flexible and robust presentation layer for SAS Analytics with full breadth is also offered by SAS BI. All these are integrated within the context of business for better and quick decision making.
Target Students / Prerequisites:
Students must have technical Skills and some experience on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Student must know how to use a Web browser to access the information.
Overview of SAS 9 Enterprise Intelligence Platform and SAS Data Integration Studio
Business Intelligence overview
Business Intelligence Information Consumers
Navigating in SAS Data Integration Studio
Change Management
What is change management?
Using change management
Designing the Course Data Martbr/> Planning a data warehouse
Building a Data Mart
Defining the source data
Defining the target tables
Loading the target tables
Creating Reports
Report Transformations
Using the Transformation Generator Wizard
SAS Data Integration Studio and stored -processes Transformations for Slowly Changing Dimensions
Defining slowly changing dimensions
Using the SCD Type 2 Loader transformation
Using the Fact Table Lookup transformation
Job Scheduling
Scheduling SAS Data Integration Studio jobs SAS Data Integration Studio and Data Quality
SAS and Data Quality
Using the Data Validation transformation
Using the Apply Lookup Standardization transformation
Using the Create Match Code transformation
SAS/Enterprise Guide
Starting SAS Enterprise Guide
SAS Enterprise Guide windows
Basic elements of SAS Enterprise Guide
Entering data
Creating a list report
Producing a frequency report
Creating a scatter plot
Adding a note to the project
Saving the project
Reading Data from Files
Opening a SAS data set from your local computer
Opening a SAS data set stored in a SAS library
Opening a Microsoft Excel file
Creating Reports
Creating a simple report
Changing titles and footnotes
Changing column labels and formatting values
Defining your own formats
Creating a grouped report
Selecting a style for the report
Working with Data in the Query Builder
Opening the Query Builder
Selecting columns
Creating a new column
Ordering and removing columns
Filtering data
Sorting the data rows
Joining Two Data Files Together
Opening the two data files to be joined
Joining tables
Filtering the data
Modifying the type of join

SAS BI ONLINE TRAINING Teaching is unique and understandable

My course on SAS BI ONLINE TRAINING and Artificial Intelligence has successfully completed under Rishika madam.Teaching is unique and understandable

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SAS BI ONLINE TRAINING Teaching is unique and understandable

My course on SAS BI ONLINE TRAINING they are expertise in online teaching.All are experienced instructors.I successfully completed my course under ashwin through online class.

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