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SAP GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) is one of the Core modules in SAP. This Module offers your organization a preventive, Real Time approach to governance, risk analysis and compliance. Automated risk Analysis and compliance monitoring activities can help you to prevent risk events and compliance violations, helping you protect the value of your organizations Brand.

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Training Objectives of GRC :
SAP GRC Module covers Access Risk, Emergency Access Management, Access Request Management, Role of Business Management and Migration from GRC 5.3 to GRC 10.0. This Module also provides a more detailed streamline focusing on Access Control, Process Control, Risk Management, and Global Trade Services.
Target Students / Prerequisites:
Basic Knowledge in Concepts of ABAP and Java-based SAP systems. Working knowledge required in SAP security concepts.
GRC Access Control 10.0 with Implementation MethodologyCourse Contents
Introduction to Governance, Risk, and Compliance10.0
Installation of Business Objects enterprise GRC AC 10.0
Connection with ERP 6.0
Configuration of GRC AC 10.0
Activation of BC sets
Activating the workflows
Time Zone / email Configuration
Introduction to Components of Access Control
a. Access Risk Management (RAR)
b. Access Request Management (CUP)
c. Business Role Management (ERM)
d. Emergency Access Management (SPM)
Access Risk management
a. Configuration of Access Risk Management
b. Global SOD Matrix – Risk Rules
c. SOD Review
d. Mitigation Process<
e. Remediation Process
f. Customization of Access Risk Management
g. Monthly Reports
h. Weekly Reports
i. Review the Risk Analysis Reports
j. Business Process Owners / SOX Controllers /SOX Audits
Access Request Management
a. Define the Workflows for Access Request
b. Define the Agents / Process /Rule ID’s
c. Standard Configuration / MSMP Workflows
d. Customization of Access Request Management
e. Business Process / Sub-Process /Functional Area / Roles /Role Owners
Business Role Management
a. Define Methodology
b. Define the Workflow for Role Maintenance
c. Business Process / Sub-Process /Functional Area / Roles /Role Owners
d. Customization of Business Role Management
Emergency Access Management
a. Configuration of Emergency Access Management
b. Define the FF ID, FF Owner, FF Controller
c. Define the Workflow for Super User Access / Configure Log Reports

SAP GRC Teaching is unique and understandable

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SAP GRC Teaching is unique and understandable

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