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SAP BW (Business Warehouse) is one of the comprehensive business intelligence product centered on a data warehouse that is optimized for the R/3 environment from SAP. It allows you to analyze data from operative SAP Applications as well as all other business applications and external data sources such as databases and online services.

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Training Objectives of BW:
SAP BW enables Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) to format the information of large amounts of operative and historical data. OLAP technology activates the multi-dimensional analyses according to various business perspectives. The SAP BW System is an enterprise wide information hub, which allows you to analyze data from R/3 and non-R/3 application and present it in an Excel-Based user interface.
Target Students / Prerequisites:
Students must be aware of Microsoft Windows graphical user interface, Windows Operating system and Office tools and must be familiar with concepts in SAP.
Week 1
Introduction to Data Warehousing
Multidimensional Modeling
BW Architecture
Extended Star Schema
Introduction to BW Objects and Administrative Work Bench
Introduction to Characteristics and Key Figures
Texts Attributes Hierarchies for Master Data
Data Flow in BW( Info sources/Data Source)
Introduction to different Info Providers ( Cubes/ODS etc)
Loading Data to a Data Target through flat files
Meta data repository.
Week 2
Extraction of data from R/3 system
Concept of Delta Queue
Introduction to different Delta Types in R/3
Debugging Extraction and Concept of Data Source in R.3
Extraction using Generic Extraction (Table/View/Info set/ FM)
Extraction from FI(GL/AP)
Extraction of COPA Data
Logistics Data Extraction (SD/MM)
Extraction Performance Tuning Techniques
BW Customization
At the end of the course you will get good expertise in below areas:
Data modeling.
Extraction techniques and creating data targets.
BEx reporting
Data scheduling with Process chains
Performance tuning
Week 3
Introduction to Business Explorer
Understanding Bex Browser, Bex Query Designer, Bex Web Application Server
Advance Reporting/Web Reporting Techniques
Introduction to Reporting Agent (Precalculation)
Overview of Reporting Authorization Objects and their Usage in Security
Performance Techniques for queries by using Aggregates. OLAP cache
Debugging queries using RSRT Tcode
Open HUB
Week 4
Introduction to Multi providers , Info set and Master Data Reporting
Introduction to Process Chains for optimal data load scheduling
Overview and Introduction of Metadata Repository
Business Content usage and Object Version
Introduction to the concept of delta for data loading process
Transport Methodology
Performance tuning( Aggregates , Compression etc)
Real time scenarios.

SAP BW ONLINE COURSE Teaching is unique and understandable

My course on SAP BW ONLINE COURSE and Artificial Intelligence has successfully completed under Rishika madam.Teaching is unique and understandable

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SAP BW ONLINE COURSE Teaching is unique and understandable

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