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Quick Test Professional (QTP) is an automated functional Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing tool that allows the automation of user actions on a web or client based computer application.

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  Overview of Test Automation

  • Ways of Testing
  • Disadvantages of Manual Testing
  • Advantages of Test Automation
  • Drawbacks of Test Automation
  • Test Automation
  • Types of Test Automation
  • Functional Test Automation
  • Types of Test Tool
  • History of QTP
  • Basic Features of QTP
  • The installation process of QTP

  Basic Features of QTP 

  • General FrameWork to learn any Automated Tool
  • Types of Automated Tools
  • Version History

QTP Test Process 

  • Planning
  • Generating Basic Tests
  • Enhancing Tests
  • Debugging Tests
  • Running Tests
  • Analyzing Test Results
  • Reporting Defects

2.Key Elements of QTP 

  Key Elements of QTP

  • Test Pane
  • Active Screen
  • Data Table
  • Debug Viewer Pane
  • Tool Options

  Recording & Running Tests

  • Record and Run Settings
  • Recording Process
  • Running Process
  • Recording Modes

3.Object Repository

  Software objects

  Types of the object in QTP

  • Runtime Objects
  • Test Objects

  Object Repository

  • Local Repository
  • Shared Repository

  Operations on Object Repository

  • Adding Objects
  • Renaming Objects
  • Deleting Objects
  • Associating Object Repositories to an Action
  • Exporting Local Object
  • View Options
  • Spying Objects

  Keyword driven methodology

  • Generating Tests Manually through Expert view
  • Generating Steps through Keyword view

4.Object Identification Configurations

  • Normal Identification
  • Mandatory Properties
  • Assertive Properties
  • Smart Identification
  • Base filter Properties
  • Option filter properties
  • Ordinal Identifier

5.Checkpoints & Output Values

  Inserting Checkpoints

  • Standard Checkpoint
  • Text Checkpoint
  • Text Area Checkpoint
  • Bitmap Checkpoint
  • Database Checkpoint
  • Accessibility Checkpoint
  • XML Checkpoint

  Inserting Output values

  • Standard Output value
  • Text Output value
  • Text Area Output value
  • Database Output value
  • XML Output value

6.Parameterization and Synchronization


  • Definition

  Where Synchronization is required:

  • Process

  Ways of synchronization

  • Inserting the synchronization point
  • Increasing the default time/ Increasing Tool default synchronization time
  • Inserting the wait statement


  • Definition
  • Process

  Ways of Parameterization

   1. Through data driver wizard

   2. Through keyword view

   3. Manually

7.Actions, Environment Variables


  Types of actions

  • Non-reusable Actions
  • Re-Usable actions
  • External Actions
    • Creating an Action
    • Splitting Actions
    • Renaming an Action
    • Deleting an Action
    • Making a Reusable/Non-Reusable
    • Calling an existing Action

  Environment Variables

  • Built-in Variables
  • User Defined Variables
  • Defining, modifying and associating environment variables

8. Transaction Points, Adding Comments

  • Start Transaction & End Transaction
  • Timer Function
  • Defining Test Results

  Adding Comments

  • Purpose of Comments
  • Comment a Block of Statements
  • Uncomment a Block

9.Debugging Tests, Batch Testing

  Debug Commands & Break Points

  • Step Into
  • Step Over
  • Step Out

  Automation Object Model

  • Automating Quick Test Operations

10. Recovery Scenarios

  Recovery Scenarios

  Trigger events

  • Pop-Up window
  • Object State
  • Test Run Error
  • Application Crash

11. Built-In Functions/ Inserting the Programmatic statements

  • Comments
  • Utility statements
  • Normal statements (or) Object calls
  • Conditional statements
  • Looping statements

12. File system object

  File system Object

  • Creating Files
  • Reading Data
  • Writing Data
  • Creating Folders

13. Regular Expressions

  • Understanding & Using Regular Expressions
  • Handling Dynamic Objects
  • Defining Regular Expressions

14. Batch Testing

  • Test Batch Runner
  • Creating Test Batches
  • Providing permission to Test Batch Runner
  • Running Test Batches
  • Running Partial Batches

15. Introduction, Basic Framework

  • Automation Framework, Types of Framework
  • Creating Folder Structure
  • Creating & Storing Automation Resources
  • Organizing & Managing Resources
  • Generating Driver Scripts
  • Generating Initialization Script (AOM Script)

  1.Linear Frame Work

  2.Modular FrameWork /Reusable actions

  3.User-defined Functions/Keyword driven Frame Work

  4.Data-Driven Frame Work

  5.Hybrid Frame Work

16. Introduction, QTP Scripting

  • QTP Descriptive Programming for QTP
  •  VB Script for QTP

  Test Management tool from HP (Mercury Interactive)

                           Quality Center


  • Bugzilla 
  • MD tracker





QTP TESTING Teaching is unique and understandable

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QTP TESTING Teaching is unique and understandable

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